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Social & Corporate Responsibility Policy

Through our Values, Mission, Corporate Responsibility and Vision, Rotala aims to become the first choice supplier for bus operations in its target regions.

Rotala's Core Values

Our commitment is to conduct business in an ethical manner; our core values convey our organisational beliefs:

  • Professional – in our approach to business, with expert presence;
  • Innovative – in creating new solutions;
  • Agile - quick to respond and make decisions;
  • Collaborative - working together with all stakeholders;
  • Commercially orientated - delivering what customers require;
  • Results focused - focusing on the delivery of value and the job in hand;
  • Risk aware - assessing options for alternative strategies.

Our brands signify consistency, reliability and employee commitment.

Rotala's Mission

The commitment is to the delivery of a consistent quality of service in accordance with the service level requirements of all stakeholders. Continuous improvement is sought; close monitoring of service levels identifies areas for improvement. Well- planned, clearly focused training supports an improved quality of service.

Rotala aims to become the first choice supplier for bus operations in its target regions. Having grown through acquisition  in key areas, Rotala has put itself into a position from which it can take advantage of future developments in the transport industry. The possession of substantial operations in the North West, the West Midlands and Heathrow areas ensures that the company is well positioned for future contract wins and organic commercial growth.

Rotala is committed to providing service excellence to stakeholders, by offering value for money and continuous improvement without compromising on the quality of service. By working closely with other businesses, councils and educational institutions, we ensure that flexibility and proactive management are key strengths in which Rotala invests. Our commitment to all stakeholders makes it possible to offer value to all sizes of organisation from the largest corporate to the smallest individual daily user.

Rotala's Vision

Our vision is to drive the modal shift of transportation from individual car use to a sustainable and attractive bus network. We aim to deliver this vision through the following approaches:

Our Services:

  • Providing reliable and punctual services to our passengers
  • Using technology, such as WiFi and next stop information to make our services, ticketing and service information more accessible
  • Continuing to provide excellent value for money to all stakeholders whether they be a large organisation or an individual daily user.

Our customers:

  • Putting our customers at the forefront of what we do
  • Striving for excellent customer service everyday
  • Providing a safe and secure environment by putting CCTV on every bus
  • Making our customers journey efficient and enjoyable
  • Engaging with our customers to continuously develop and improve our services.

Our Staff:

  • Developing our staff through guidance and training to provide the best possible levels of service
  • Recognising and valuing our employees' needs and providing suitable support
  • Recognising that our organisation is full of diversity
  • Treating all our employees fairly and equally
  • Being committed to providing a healthy, safe and excellent working environment.

Our Community:

  • Using our regional management approach to be more responsive to the needs of local communities
  • Recognising that being part of the local community benefits both us as a business and the areas that we serve
  • Through the services we operate and the jobs we provide, playing a significant part in the growth of our local areas
  • By working together with our Local Authorities, influencing and developing policies and services that benefit the wider community.

Our Environment:

  • Setting minimum air quality standards for the bus fleet
  • Ensuring all new vehicles acquired meet EURO VI standards or better 
  • Obtaining operating experience with electric vehicles
  • Continuing our overall commitment to cleaner greener vehicles
  • Discarding older vehicles with unacceptable emissions 
  • By promoting modal shift to travel by bus, raising air quality, particularly in Clean Air Zones.